The ZORX Ring Leader in Red. 🍕


+Measures 32" X 1.5" X 1"

+5 LED colors to choose from*

+12v Ring/pulley for pitch with range adjustment

+12v Pressure sensor

+12v N/O or N/C gate function/switch

+12v Ancillary knob for LFO rate, filter, whatever

+LED On, off, or controlled by pressure

+Removable 2+3 octave scale decal for precise noting

+One size fits all adjustable controller ring

+Textured opaque sidewalls w/clear top & base

+3.5mm TS mono jack outputs

+Works with Eurorack or MU (Moog Unit)

+No computer/module/breakout box needed

+12V +tip DC power adapter included

++Customization available - email us

+++Durable, made by hand, built to last

+++++Made in the USA

*Colors from brightest to lightest: White, Green, Blue, Red, Gold