Zorx 1U Through for Easy Access to CV ins for Moog Matriarch, Pedals


Made specifically for Needham Woodworks Moog Matriarch Extension cabinets and their pedal board extension cabinets, The Zorx 1U Through module can work with any synth or pedal/pedal board with any case and brings the hard to reach connections on the back of your synth/pedals within easy reach. Measuring 24HP and 42mm in depth, there are 16 patch point connections, with a reversible faceplate with one side labeled for the Matriarch's rear CV connections and another that has space for writing, where you can customize the 1U Through for use with any synth or pedal. This is a versatile module that helps you get the most out of your setup. Each order also comes with 1 x 8HP Cable Through module, a reversible panel to route your patch cables to the back of the 1U Through more elegantly (not necessary for Needham cabinets as the cables can go under the extension and out of the way). Each order also comes with a 1 x 1U 4 HP Zorx blank panel that has a nuthatch on one side of it and the Zorx logo on the other in case you have a small empty 1U space or just like birds.
This is a passive module, no power is required.
All module faceplates are black matte and copper.
Visit the Needham Woodworks website for more information on their Moog Matriarch Extension cabinets, Eurorack cabinets, exquisite pedal boards, and other products.

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