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The Zorx Power + Buffered Mult Eurorack Module takes away the need for an external adapter by powering your Zorx from within, all the while supplying you with the means to copy and distribute your voltages to various locales. Control pitch, filter cutoff, volume, or whatever all with one swipe of the ribbon. Trigger a VCA, kick drum, feedback loop, or whatnot all at the same time by multing the Gate out from your Zorx with this module. You get the idea. Suave and handy.

• Measures 4HP

• Black with silver trace

• +12V DC out to power your Zorx controller

• 3 x 1 input to 3 output buffered multiple

• Euro cable, M3 screws, DC cable included

• Draws +12V 30mA, -12V 30mA

••Please note, this supplies +12V to your power Zorx controller, it does not provide power to external modules.


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